About Elijah The Mentor

Elijah The Mentor has been spreading wisdom for almost 10 years of his life. He’s dedicated those years in the development of inner cities and more specifically to the youth of those neighborhoods.

Elijah has always been told that his thinking was a little “different” than those of his age group when growing up as a kid. “I’ve been told I was a weirdo in my childhood era but a sage in my adult years.

Elijah has worked with the youth in transfer high schools. His many hats of the school were from mentoring to initial interview in order to enter high school. He’s hone his skill to the point where he is able to read a persons demeanor in their first conversation.

Elijah The Mentor, after many years of contemplation, has decided to move his gift to a broader spectrum we would like to call Social Media.. “Whats the purpose of being a well with water if there’s no pail to quench your thirst. ” Elijah has made it his obligation to spread his words of enlightenment in his unorthodox methods.